Acts of October 2010

31 | 10 | 10 “food court bliss”

introduced the rest of the family to my super food court in chinatown, yep super food court!

29 | 10 | 10 “jesus of suburbia”

mard had to work, so single dad mode saturday covering all mode of suburban tasks, mowed lawns, filled junk pile, and took kids to La Parouse for icecream!

28 | 10 | 10 “pop goes the mah man”

filled the house of Mah with popcorn!

27 | 10 | 10 “metal malisha”

made a Metalica/Slipnot/Megadeth CD cover in photoshop with student in spinal unit, he was chuffed!

26 | 10 | 10 “damsell in Diss Dress”

helped a young mum with a flowing gown, on level 3 of the college with small child, stroller and many bags, to get down by carring stroller and some of the bags!

25 | 10 | 10 “easy start to the day”

class started at 9.30 and I not up for teaching, so said they can do whatever they want as long as they quiet till 11.00

24 | 10 | 10 “look out”

took visitors to lookout about the south coast beaches

23 | 10 | 10 “now thats fishing”

hooked a huge salmon off the beach down the coast, and handed rod to boy 8 to bring in, he was stoked!

22 | 10 | 10 “Mitchell”

first day with mitchell in spinl unit, I gave him a demo of illustrator and how to draw logo, we start this week!

21 | 10 | 10 “iron man”

ironed Mard’s shirt!

20 | 10 | 10 “eat you greens, or not”

put no brocilli in Tilda’s stir fry!

19| 10 | 10 “old skool kindness”

held the door open for a homless looking guy at Eastgardens loo, he had a shopping trolly full of stuff and could not get past it too the door!

18| 10 | 10 “outer here”

allowed one of my students to walk out of class when they want, you just cant fix stupid!

17| 10 | 10 “love me, love my boat”

Let Finn and his mate dump me on an island and go off in the boat on there own. They had fun and I thought they were not coming back for me, all worked out in the end

16| 10 | 10 “fishing club raffle”

helped the old Conjola Fishing club by buying raffle tickets for prawn tray

15| 10 | 10 “make my day”

made a 17 year old and his mum super happy  by taking them on for tutorial support to show him some Photoshop skills and various design things, he has broken his spine at the neck so has no movement apart from his head, he will be using an adapter for the mouse. Will be interesting but he is very excited about doing something other than computer games and TV

14| 10 | 10 “they were first”

Not the kindesd of days, although i did manage to scrape an act in early in the Y & R Bar, when asked what coffee i wanted, I said the people to my left were there before us. The rest of the day was shit!

13| 10 | 10 “keeping it green”

stood out in the rain and put dynamic lifter on it, (even being kind to lawns counts)!

12| 10 | 10 “happy happy joy joy”

Made my TVET Digital Design class laugh (this may sound like nothing, but is a task)!

11| 10 | 10 “Hello”

Called me mum!

10| 10 | 10 chops

Made (or making chops) for the missus

9 | 10 | 10 kid time

Made some R2D2 stencil art with Finn, he was a very happy camper

8 | 10 | 10 Say it with Nasi

Brought in a Nazi Gorang mix to work for my fizzy mate Allison

7 | 10 | 10 Tilda (little Miss wrestlemania)

Wrestled with Tilda until we both knackered, then Finn joined in and kicked our butts, lots of laughs were had by all

6 | 10 | 10 the SUM of us

Cooked Wendy a Super Nasi Goreng, complete with garnish and Choy Sum!

5 | 10 | 10 velvet morning

After getting up a 4am down the coast, I let Mard sleep in back of car while I drove to sydney, just me and my Ipod!

4 | 10 | 10 enter sandman

Made a huge sandcastle with kids, well actually buried tilda up to her neck and made a fake sand body!

3 | 10 | 10 Use your Nippers to get down

Taught a mad Swedish fellow how to pump nippers on the sand flats of conjola

2 | 10 | 10 must of been kind

Weekends are hazy, well this one was, not sure what kind act, although sure there was one or two!

1| 10 |10 Marie Antionette

Worked super hard for Miss Ant, only to be told to get fucked when I was leaving, and still went back to help out!(I did get a big thank you later so all was forgiven)

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