Acts of November 2010

30 | 11 | 10 “mark it up”

fudged a few marks today in final marking for some students who may of fell by the wayside!

29 | 11 | 10 “birthdays”

Put on huge smiles and thank you for my birthday celebrations, fuck I don’t like birthdays, especially mine!

28 | 11 | 10 “family guy”

Invited folks in for birthday dinner, it didn’t end nice but the initial consultation went well!

27 | 11 | 10 “swimming”

Took kids for swim at clovely, being super hungover there was a slight agenda for me to jump in to fix head also

26 | 11 | 10 “so this is Christmas”

Spread the goodwill to cargo bar

25 | 11 | 10 “coffee”

let someone go before me in the coffe line at Patts!

24 | 11 | 10 “back in the saddle”

let a guy cut in on botany road (huge act)!

19 – 23| 11 | 10 “lapse in kindness”

bit of a break from being kind, not so much not being kind, just being super busy!

18 | 11 | 10 “finger bang”

introduced the term “fingerbang” to two of the girls vocabulary from Blaze!

17 | 12 | 10 “laughter is the best medicine”

Making one of my quadriplegic students snort laugh today by taking over his voice recognition software and typing “show us your norks” whenever a nurse walked pass I know is very un pc, but I don’t think he’s laughed that much in a while

16 | 11 | 10 “old school kindess”

held door open for lady at TAFE coming into the canteen.

15 | 11 | 10 “marking”

was very generous in marking 2nd year websites today.

14 | 11 | 10 “saxamaphone”

stayed out in stinking hot sun, to let finn carry on busking

13 | 11 | 10 “pleasantville”

made yard look semi nice, so now not the only house on street with overgrown lawn

12 | 11 | 10 “what a feeling”

did the opening scene to flashdance for my disability students who play show tunes on you tube throughout the class

11 | 11 | 10 “smile and world smiles with you”

got rodney to smile, well definatley a smirk but I will take it as a smile

10 | 11 | 10 “doof doof”

let some wanker in a little doof doof car cut in on botany road

9 | 11 | 10 “sausage sandwich”

helped set up stalls for People with Disabilties expo at Randwick TAFE. Ended up getting two water bottles and a sausage sandwich!

8 | 11 | 10 “this aint no subway”

got a sandwich/roll from a deli at Kogarah Station, it was so good, I had to go back to the deli and tell the lady who made it and give the big thumbs up. Kogarah station being close to a methodone clinic, I think she thought I was in that category, rather than a happy customer, either way, she gave me a smile only a deli lady can!

7 | 11 | 10 “goes both ways”

just sent off a stack of banner ads, back up giffs and the like to Diamond Dave, getting them all done over weekend, hopefully helps them, and not leave me to short of work either?

6 | 11 | 10 “chips”

spent lots of time with Tilda at beach, in the bush, at the lake in the canoe, we did it all quality dad time?

5 | 11 | 10 “chips”

let my lady friend have more chips than me?

4 | 11 | 10 “life of brian”

made a very stressed Brian not laugh, but a small smile?

3 | 11 | 10 “test from iPhone”

Test from phone not very kind?

2 | 11 | 10 “bit of a pickle”

helped on my my disabled lads out with Dreamweaver who was getting a bit worked up with trying to publish his site!

1 | 11 | 10 “extension”

gave my 2nd year diploma students an extension on Website project, one because the work is so good I did not want them to rush the last bit, and two because I couldn’t be arsed collecting and marking

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