Acts of June 2010

30|6|10 – not as kind as yesterdays effort but still enough to be posted

Slowed down on King St Newtown to let 3 young lads across the road with their coffees!

29|6|10 – the mother of all things kind

I think I hit kind mecca, I found a wallet stacked with cash and credit cards, on Enmore road, with address and one phone number on a piece of paper, I called that number and he called another and another and we tracked down the owner who come to pick it up!

28|6|10 – the little things

Let some knob push in on botany road over and over again. Some days the left hand lane is just
going to have cars parked in it, does not matter how many times you turn into it. Somedays someone like me in a small act of kindness will let you back in, this only being as It was getting later and I had not done a kind thin so getting on the worried side!

27|6|10 – G Star Raw

Let two heavily bearded G Star Raw dressed chaps have our table at a busy eastgardens  food court!

26|6|10 – Pool

Offered our won pool table at the pub last night!

25|6|10 – Dad School 101

Talked Finn (11) out of tears of frustration/anger/embarressemt and back to being 11 again, and that if someone said something about your mother, does not acually mean your mum!

24|6|10 – Ser-mile

Gave a big old smile to a grumpy old man who needed to be smiled at!

23|6|10 – Credit Given where credit due

gave my indeginious studentsn incredible amount of praise for the work they handed in and let them go early!

22|6|10 – Mullembimby (or however you spell it)

called my mate Mel from Mullum!

22|6|10 – Joseph

gave joseph a lift to the station, in time of stress (for me not him)!

21|6|10 – Mard and Jodie

will spend the afternoon filleting fish for mard and jod tonights dinner!

20|6|10 – Love thy Neighbour (or at least be nice to them)

Gave a neighbour who lent me his ladder, some fish I caught!

19|6|10 – Finally

Finally got over the shit mood I was in and was nice to people in general by late afternoon

18|6|10 – FinnBoss

Big Guy Five to Finn this morning before we both skated off in different directions to start our days

17|6|10 – Dumpling!

Took Shaz to my Favourite Dumpling house

16|6|10 – Open Day

Took my new boss (or one of them) to Careers Open Day for Mattraville High school, not so much a kind thing although I think it was a bit of an eye opener for her to see the students in full swing!

15|6|10 – Surf n Turf!

Went food shopping, come home to make kids dinner and made Mard really nice steak and prawns with cream and mustard sauce!

14|6|10 – Friend Request

Said yes to a friend, who I just did not want to be friends with, but not worth the argument!

13|6|10 – Dog Tired

Took dog for walk with family, this may not sound like an extra kinds thing, but we don’t walk our dog muc!

12|6|10 – Milton

Let someone in front of me on the highway going through Milton Town.

11|6|10 – Work

chugged through it with all smiles.

10|6|10 – It’s the little things?

Got up to point the heater toward my wife!

9|6|10 – Course guides by Gaven?

Somehow incorporated Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and WordPress into a normally very boring curiculum starting in 4 weeks, has to be a kind thing to give students rather than Microsoft Word!

8|6|10 – coffee?

Said thanks along with a smile for a really bad coffe at TAFE!.

7|6|10 – Which Bank?

In ANZ in kogarah, one of the tellers was trying to put up the ANZ cheap loan signs and was shaking on the chairs, I gallantly offered to take over.

6|6|10 – Beds are burning

Moved our bed away from window and changed the angle. This to some would not seem so kind, but have been meaning (I use the word meaning lightly) to move it some time back. Now someone gets a bedside table.

5|6|10 – Dudley Moore and Bo Derrick

A working B at home with dad, well actually I downloaded songs from Limewire while he put up blinds for me, I Added more songs to Dads compilation of music, He wanted a few songs taken off the existing ‘Dads Country Greats”, and new ones put on, those being,  Bolero (apparently Torvel and Dean Skated to it in the Olympics and Dudly Moore and Bo Derick made love to it in ’10”.  Gary Moore – still got the blues “no fast ones of his, i don’t like the fast ones, just the slow ones”  and Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. All obvious choices would’nt you think?

4|6|10 – Gone but not forgotten (well maybe)!

Having just lost the first 4 days of June for acts of kindness, I managed to find  1st to the 3rd, so somewhere in my social network world the one kind thing I did on the 4th June has gone? Go figure? It must not of been a Mother Teresa moment, as i seemed to of forgotten it the next day!

3|6|10 – Got nothun really!

Best I could do for kindness today is not push the guy who gobbed on the platform in front of me under the 8.36 to North Sydney, oh and I did get my work mate a glass of red wine from the other end of the agency, but thats about it for today.

2|6|10 – Rock and Roll School Girl

Pretty much stopped in the middle of Bunnarong Road in Maroubra to let a school girl holding a guitar across to get her bus, which I must say the bus driver saw her across the raod as he was pulling out from the gutter and did wait for her also, so a big smile from the bus driver, the girl was a rock star, she did’nt have to smile.

1|6|10 – Not much really

Probably not the best days for being kind, no reason, just not very giving today. I did take the kids and sit through some skanked up girl do the live recording of Funniest Home Videos in the studio.

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