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Test of the second type

This is my second go at not useing wordpress for a long time and getting back into it


Ch ch ch changes

Mards in Byron tonight, i got home, roasted a chicken, two loads of washing, ironed school uniforms, cleaned kitchen and teared up whilst watching domestic blitz. Think I’m going through the change?

New Kids on the block in aisle seven

Thinking of getting back into being kind once more, just a bit of a test to see if this is still working and ends up in the correct place.

One small act of kindness is my love of sharing supermarket aisle music with Julie and the rest of the world on a weekly basis.

Give a man a fish

First day back and not sure if it’s a random act although I did manage to keep out of trouble enough to make the day pleasant for me and the few around me. I think that’s my New Years resolution, well one of many but this year will be head down and keep out of the shenanigans around me! One day and it already makes me think it may be a good year.

And I did give a mate a fish I caught on the weekend, only the one but a good one at that!

New to gymnastics

As Tilda has come back to gymnastics after a 5 year break it seems to me the same grumpy old women are walking around bending and forming tiny girls bodies into odd looking top heavy princesses with blistered hands and minds then there’s the bordering on creepy middle aged men who train the older girls changing also there bodies and minds into ways only creepy (bordering on) middle aged men can. Then there’s the gym mums hanging the window watching all of this unfold in front of them, then there’s me


Sacrifices you make to be a good Dad!

Last weekend and many before Tilda (11) was wanting to get a bearded dragon as a pet, after doing all the research i come up with 2 reasons why not, there is a 3rd of not having a reptile licence although that does not seem to deter people selling them? The other two reasons, one is they are really expensive, and two I would have to drive out west and sit in a lounge room with a guy who breeds bearded dragons and do “the chat”, for anyone that has bought anything illegal, that part is very awkward and to be avoided at all costs.

So my alternative was to head on out to the headland at Maroubra and catch a Jacky Lizard or Jack dragon, same as a bearded dragon just not with the beard, bit like newtown before hipsters. Anyways as all good dads we catch a lizard, bring him home put him in the tank Tilda has cleaned up put sand in water containers sticks logs everything except the shaved bearded dragon or Jacky lizard and place in Rafiki. Its all good its like the lion king holding him up to the light and laying him down although not quite as dramatic, still its what she wanted and putting in dad hours I was clocking up some goodens.

The week goes on, Rafiki sits in a cold dark tank gets colder and colder, eats nothing, then more of nothing and a bit more of nothing so I get concerned and do the big old dad thing of “If he does not eat we are letting him go”. As pre planned we go to the pet shop on the way home from work I use the word we in hope that it was we, although it was just me as she was at a friends house, so yes it looks like I’m the main carer of this one for now, so I go to pet shop buy a light and packet of live crickets and set it all up. The pet shop lady tells me he wont eat while cold, this guy did not even move so eating was not an option. The light goes on and he goes nuts, runs around up the wall loves it. I get a cricket out with tweezer, (not easy) hold it to him and he necks the poor thing, the whole family, sans Tilda as mentioned earlier she is at a friends house but kept up with proceeding via Instragram all the way so its just like she was here? So she is happy, will I got a “like” a mention and a share? I was happy that the thing did not die and Rafiki is over the moon. The cricket not so happy but thats the small sacrifice you make to be a good dad!



Beards, boiled eggs and birthdays!

The other day a 4 foot woman with a beard got on the bus in a huge panic saying “I have to get to Bent Street in Petersham”.

The next day in the public toilet at wynard station amongst the stench of summer there was a relatively normal looking fellow peeling a bag of boiled eggs and placing them into a container? And tomorrow our Finn turns 14 and is still talking to us on a regular basis.

So as strange as the world gets, there are some things that can never be explained so maybe just enjoy the outcome and don’t question the rest!

Love ya Finnboss, have a great day



Trash treasure and relaxation

Today I took Tilda to Addison road markets for a walk, bacon n egg roll, a pho noodles and bag of radishes, it’s great to see the original hipsters at play in there own surroundings along with the new or next generation of groovers with all the right clothes, the correct amount of gears on their bikes (one ) and beards, just love a beard! Till and I ended up in trash and treasure on two lovely seats one could of purchased for $25 a piece but we decided rather than purchase them we would just stay and watch the world of Marrickville past before our eyes and listen to Slave to the rhythm, by miss jones. Tilda played on her iPad more than watch but still a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

The later part of the day I ended up in ikea, this experience could be summed up another time, although due to scare of horse meat being found in the hot dogs, the line did not seen any smaller


Stencil bonding

Last night I discovered after trying many things with kids that the stencil art seems to be a wonderful way to bring us all together in a rainy Friday evening!


Born to annoy

Fishing in the van park off one of the pontoons, a grumpy old fella in one of them seems to have a big issue with me doing so, he comes out every 15 minutes to say “u ok” mumbles something and goes back in.

Now I’m not one to shit stir anyone but… it seems this fella does not want anyone near his cabin although the fact I’m not making a sound or doing anything wrong is bothering him the most, he’s just staring, waiting for me to do something offensive, leave rubbish or open a beer too loud and he will crack down. I figured to give him something to winge about to no one, i thought fuck him, I’m settling in fir the night, I may even grow a beard ill be here that long, whatever it takes.

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