Acts of September 2010

30| 9 |10 be super kind (it should come back to you)!

Offered months ago to build a quick website for cheap, its still going and far from cheap. Never again!

29| 9 |10 pass it on!

Offered big job and passed it on!

25 – 28 | 9 |10 kids are alright!

Took kids down the coast for 3 days of eating shit food, staying up late and swearing!

24| 9 |10 photoshop!

spent all night last night making a document for dissability students to use photoshop, it takes about 3 hours to make a step by step guide to deep etch a flower. This to teach someone with no memory is going to be interesting!

23| 9 |10 Sarlard!

Went and saw mr Tadros for his birthday and to check out the maybe new premises! Yes Aymen, some days I am struck for kindness!

22| 9 |10 early acts kindness!

about to let my Matto class go early as its the end of the term and they super well behaved!

21| 9 |10 those sneaky cars on canal road crossing princess highway and the ugg boot shop!

let another sneaky car in who dashed up the inside of the Bomadore again, one day I will snap and run him into the ugg boot shop on his right, but until then its all kind, kind and kind!

20| 9 |10 smile and world smiles with you!

made the check out lady in Kogarah Coles smile!

16, 17, 18 and 19| 9 |10 lost acts!

got a bit lost on acts, not that I did’nt do any, just a big weekend that they not all that clear, I’ll be back!

15|9|10 Illustrator!

am currently breaking down to the absolute simplest form for my disability students to make there life easier on monday when creating a logo for themselves!

14|9|10 give them cake!

made Mel almost snort laugh with one of my usual conversations with Merry, one of my students, and gave her some cake!

13|9|10 give them cake!

made Mel almost snort laugh with one of my usual conversations with Merry, one of my students, and gave her some cake!

12|9|10 at the car wash!

let the kids from the hood trash the yard, house car in the way of them having a car wash and lots of fun!

11|9|10 Forgot!

I think I had too many KB’s at Henson park although sure there was something nice in there somewhere!

10|9|10 not my kindness but my cinysism !

after bagging australian TV and Kate Ritchie for parking our house in while filming some shit show, the kids did manage to ask one of the staff if Kate turns up can they have a pic, the kids just walked in and said she turned up in a limosine looking car and the guy spoke to her and she come over and took photos with them!

9|9|10 cards on the TABLES!

gallantly come to Brians aid at work and helped him delete the rules from his table in InDesign!

8|9|10 karma’s going  to get you!

picked up the rubish (well actually a 5 dollar note) from IGA carpark in botany!

7|9|10 your a cock, your a cock, your a cock!

Did not let some young pratt in in his superroo crossing Princess Highway at Tempe, so he could wait till me in my old Bombadore went past and have a long hard look at himself to realise the knob he  really is!

6|9|10 marked man!

finally got around to marking 2nd year design students work, will have to hand back at some point!

5|9|10 father day

visit the shire for fathers day, when does fathers day become the actual fathers, they should have grandfathers day so I can spend day with my kids and the other for that! !

4|9|10 dinner

Huge thank you to my lady friend for dinner, I was not up for cooking! !

3|9|10 Not my finest hour

cleaned my own vomit out of the sink before anyone saw it in the morning!

2|9|10 shut the @#%! up

Decided to stop trying to talk with Brian, Scott and David and get on with my work, as the love was just not coming back !

1|9|10 courier !

let a courier go past me on botany road!

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