Acts of September 2011

13 | 9 | 11 “dinner with the Griswalls”

organised the old family dinner at the table, without laptops, just normal conversation although it was a bit tricky as Tilda is on a voice protest where she is not talking. This is protesting nothing and is for no reason at all, just wants to know how long she can go without talking, so there was notes written, but this still comes under the family dinner classification!

12 | 9 | 11 “looking after my sick lady friend”

went back up to shops and got the sick one, orange juice and made her nice dinner!

11 | 9 | 11 “hate it but they love it”

Took kids out to Homebush Aquatic Centre for day at the pool, I hate (yes hate) swimming in pools with 5000 bogans and the same amount of litres of piss, but the kids had a ball!

10 | 9 | 11 “Open Day at TAFE”

Told 5 billion parents at TAFE open day that Graphic Design is a great job, and if there kids go to the Design Centre, they have a big chance of getting a job!

9| 9 | 11 “P night at the Hempstead Manor”

Pizza and Coke zero night at our place with Mard in Melbourne the kitchen was open!

7-8 | 9 | 11 “missed my chance”

missed a day, not sure if i was kind or not, but memory is not what it used to be!

6 | 9 | 11 “putting in a little bit of overtime at home”

helped out a young fella who had 1,000,000 images to print by combining all into one glorious (oversized) pdf file!

5 | 9 | 11 “Tilda time”

Mard and finn were out, so picked up Till, went food shopping and bought what she wanted and made her dinner to sit at the table and discuss the days events of being a nine year old, just me and her!

4 | 9 | 11 “fathers day”

had dinner with me dad!

3 | 9 | 11 “me time”

some times you just gotta be kind to yourself, so took me away and spent the entire day cruising around Conjola in a boat!

2 | 9 | 11 “pizza night was cancelled at the Hempstead Manor”

didn’t have enough stuff for pizza night, so ended up being pie night, apparently that was ok as long as it does not include vegies and starts with a “Till” tells me!

1 | 9 | 11 “one of those days”

I can’t honestely think of anything I did that was noticably kind today, Not that I was particulary unkind but got nuthen, might make Mard some dinner or order take away but its 8.17 and I’m clutching at stuff all. Tomorrow will try and do two things!

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