Acts of Yours

Maybe I’m not the only once a day kind person in the world!

If you feel you have done something that might warrant speaking (blogging up about) feel free to leave a post!



  Gilly wrote @

I posted to your blog. That’s my act of kindness for the day.

  Gaven wrote @

Thanks Gilly, hows the warm fuzzy’s now hey?

  mard wrote @

let gav speak about the heater (again) and looked interested….

  Natalie wrote @

act of kindness is buying persimmon to feed wax-eyes and tuis for the same bratty birds that devoured all my persimmon crop while I was in the Sth Island in April

  Ned wrote @

my act of kindness was helping the man from across the road from our house with MS walk about a block and a bit with his shopping.

  Brian wrote @

Dear Gav.

Offering me a beer is a tremendous act. However, delivery of said beer is even better.

I think I’m still waiting?

  Amanda wrote @

Was at Woolworths Marrickville Metro self serve check outs . Kid next to me scans his lollies totalling 90c, he only has 30c. I gave him the .60c as the stupid Woolworths self serve attendant didn’t know what to do…..

  Josh Yavuz wrote @

My random act of kindness is checking up on how my old tafe teachers doing? hahaha whats cracking gav!

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