Acts of November 2011

28 | 11 | 11 “advent time”

picked up the kids early and took them to get advent calenders!!

27 | 11 | 11 “fishing with Lulu – part 2”

took lulu beach fishing 6am and hooked a salmon and gave her the rod to bring it in, sure she could of caught one but just had more luck that day!

26 | 11 | 11 “fishing with Lulu”

took lulu out in canoe for the afternoon, fantastic few hours sitting in the sun tucked in behind one of the islands!

25 | 11 | 11 “luna park”

see dave for details!

24 | 11 | 11 “bathroom”

not the most glamourous of things, but cleaned the house and the bathroom, I repeat, and the bathroom as I know mard had friends coming over before they all went out, in which they did not come over anyways!

23 | 11 | 11 “keep it all in”

found out that Finn was being cyber bullied on a very big scale, and not strung the person out (not yet anyways, depending on what the school comes back with)!

22 | 11 | 11 “those pesky kids”

let my year 11 and 12 students do pretty much nothing on the last day and leave very early!

21 | 11 | 11 “testing times”

in the process of testing almost 300 students for entry exams to next year at College, I gave a few pointers to a small few who were on the wrong track but had potential!

19 and 20 | 11 | 11 “brother in lawly love”

invited marcus to coast and spent two days in boats, beach, cooking for him and letting him use all my fishing gear, good time was had by all!

18 | 11 | 11 “done and dusted”

last teaching day for TAFE, got lots of kids over the line in time for handing all there work in next week!

17 | 11 | 11 “extra time”

met up with student in my own time, to get her back on track as she was falling way behind, but trying super hard!

16 | 11 | 11 “parental advisory”

let finn stay up to watch the Hampster Wheel!

15 | 11 | 11 “side on”

pushed a head to the side and not straight on, (rumour has it, its a first)!

14 | 11 | 11 “exam time”

let a very nervous potential applicant for College, have an extra 30 seconds to complete her entrance exam!

13 | 11 | 11 “Family time”

see Saturday!

12 | 11 | 11 “putting in a little bit of overtime at home”

Had fantastic weekend with kids going all over sydney, from cockatoo island, to newtown, to darling harbour and clovelly beach snorkling in cold water.!

11 | 11 | 11 “Puck You Sir”

gave class of Canturbury Boys High School kids a taste of TAFE by giving them example of thing to animate in Flash!

10 | 11 | 11 “say it with fonts”

showed brian how to view fonts much easier, and got him a beer!

09 | 11 | 11 “one more time”

explained for the (many times) how to save a booklet as a print ready pdf file. this does not sound like much but in the context it is lots!

08 | 11 | 11 “putting in a little bit of overtime at home”

finished work, picked up Tilda, organised lift for Finn, did food shopping, put shopping away, cooked kids dinner, cleaned up, cooked our dinner, cleaned/washed up, sorted!

07 | 11 | 11 “rice paper roll run”

Walked up the hill (in very hot condidtions) to get lunch and got some for the boss!

06 | 11 | 11 “family ties”

Although! big sis does not seem to be talking to me, I did gather the kindness to send her a message for her birthday!

05 | 11 | 11 “Julie the cruise co-ordinator”

Ayman and Kids at the coast, put it all on for them, boats, canoes, crab for lunch great times!

04 | 11 | 11 “share the love”

got a studend back on track with catching up with work and handing stuff in late!

03 | 11 | 11 “nothen”

Had day off and pretty much did nothing whatsover, i guess thats being kind to me?!

02 | 11 | 11 “fire sale”

Sold the Commodore to a mate for $200, sad to see her go, think she’s going to a loving home!

01 | 11 | 11 “Is gambling a problem for you”

Bought me Mum a sweep in the Cup, come in Unusual Suspect!

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