Acts of May 2011

31 | 5 | 11 “there be pirates”

making Finnboss tandori chicken then taking him to see Pirates of the Carabean as tilda is on school camp

30 | 5 | 11 “pumkin in aisle 7!”

the usual monday at the supermarket, me with my trolley of wares, noticed a guy about my age and dress sense with a small child come up behind me with nothing but the small child in the trolley and he (not the small child but the fellow my age, and dress sense, holding a pumpkin, I asked him if he wanted to go before me as I was yet to place my items on the motorised checkout of which never seems to motorise at the correct time hence leaving more of the frozen section further back toward the end, it can take just one roll of cling wrap turned 90 degrees to take up a lot of real estate on those things to take up a lot of real estate for other items! Anyways back to the guy of similar age (and dress sense) i offered him my place in the line as he only having one pumpkin and I many items, and he accepted and went through prior to me.

This being the second last day of the 12 month of random acts of kindness i felt a longer explanation of my gallantry deed was needed!

29 | 5 | 11 “i want chocolate!”

after getting home from exhibition in manly and being all “inside” and warm, I rushed out in rain to get Mardi a Mars Bar, not sure what come over me as this excelled my acts, but she was a happy girl in her ugg boots on a bean bag, looking as elegant as ever!

28 | 5 | 11 “death in the family – part two”

has expected, Arastotle did not make the morning, i had to bury him under one of our plants in the yard with tears from Finn! I explained Arastotle will grow into the tree and always be with us

27 | 5 | 11 “death in the family – part one”

was comforting to Finn when his water went to shit in his axalotle tank, and aristotle the axalotle become very sick and lost weight. The night he stopped eating we knew it was going to be a rough one for the little guy. I was very comforting in explaining to Finn he may not be around in the morning?

26 | 5 | 11 “flexible laughter

provided some laughter in the time of learning, during a Setting up online delivery for Enmore Design Centre tutorial!

25 | 5 | 11 “shocking old days”

Introduced some your design students to the world of Gaven circa 1992 in photography to gasps and scares!

24 | 5 | 11 “sick sick sick”

layed around sick all day, although did mangage to cook huge dinner for all!

23 | 5 | 11 “just another (non manic monday)”

feeling sick so pretty much giving the students complete free run in class today, not teaching hassling at all!

22 | 5 | 11 “big day out at the football”

tilda got tickets from school for Rooster V Newcastle game at Aussie Stadium, took her along, ate lots of bad food and introduced her to Australian football language!

19-21 | 5 | 11 “kind but forgotton”

missed a few days on the update, sure i was kind, just forgotton!

18 | 5 | 11 “better late than not turning up “

turned up to final graduation as students were leaving, still congratulated the ones who were left!

17 | 5 | 11 “happy happy joy joy”

discovered I got a full time position teaching, and in a room with people who were not successful my random act was not to jump up and down with joy as to offend so could just be very quiet!

16 | 5 | 11 “complete silence”

leaving my Indesign class completely in silence for them to carry on with work, no lesson today just cruising old monday!

15 | 5 | 11 “love thigh neighbour”

took our neighbour and his son along with my finn fishing at tempe sitting in the sun, teaching him how to tie a hook on, all good!

14 | 5 | 11 “phone home”

welcomed finn to the world of (almost teenager years) with getting him a very cool phone, he can waste his life away on!

13 | 5 | 11 “semi interested”

sat through 1 of the 4 speakers at Semi Permanent like I was interested in two generic budding young groovy designers!

12 | 5 | 11 “google, twitter, hootsuite, docs etc etc etc and word”

Helped out friend with setting up word file and a huge crash course in getting her blog out to even more people!

11 | 5 | 11 “go on big fella”

Let a bus in front of me on botany road!

10 | 5 | 11 “is this ok Sir? Is this ok sir? Is this ok sir?”

one of my students in class today that has a bit of an issue with self assurance who asked me everytime he moved some type or a box on screen “is this ok sir?” every time I looked on and said yes its great with all the honesty I could muster!

9 | 5 | 11 “the biggest thank you in the world”

some of this kindness is coming back to me, a builder working on site at college come up to me and gave me my wallet i left out the back of the building. I could not of thanked him any more without giving him a big old man-hug!

8 | 5 | 11 “M Day”

organised proper old school mothers day for Mard, flowers, chocholate, tea in bed, relaxing on beach, big fry up lunch. Winner Winner chicken dinner day!

7 | 5 | 11 “kid fun”

hung out with kids lots, playing in caravan park, swings, climbing equipment, chased tilda round till she fell in water, lots of laughter, few tears!

6 | 5 | 11 “the man from Uncle”

Took my nephew to around the botany factorys and redfern rail yards to get photos for college assignment!

5 | 5 | 11 “wrestle mania”

did that dad wrestling with Tilda (9) and tickled her till she could not breathe (well almost) made her laugh so much!

4 | 5 | 11 “random scarf”

found a very nice scarf on the wheelchair access ramp at college, and took it inside for hopefully the cold necked owner to find!

3 | 5 | 11 “talking bout the money, money”

gave a student 20 cents who was short for coffee money!

2 | 5 | 11 “reverse kindness”

another comment from Mr Condescending, where I looked as if I “took his advice on board” rather than wanting to kick him in the ding ding!

1 | 5 | 11 “visited me mum in the shire”

may not sound like the kindest thing but visiting the folks in the shire does not happen as often as some, so a bit of kindness spread the other side of Tom Uglies Bridge today!

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