Acts of May 2010

31|5|10 – Hamster!!!!

Convinced a student to stop trying to draw a mouse wheel to animate in flash which was taking most of the lesson, to google a mouse and and just make it spin, it made her smile and also saved her a lot of time and stress!

30|5|10 – Taxi!!!!

Got up early on Sunday to Drive Lorraine and her siblings to Sydney Airport to start a new life in New Zealand or maybe re-kindle an old one, either way they seemed very excited!

29|5|10 – Trollie ollie ollie !

The trollie guy was pushing a big amount of trollies back into coles from the carpark at Eastgardens and the front one decided to take a different route, I gave a small nudge to get the little sucker back in line, this I received a small thank you smile from the designated driver!

28|5|10 – Show me the money!

Paid back Five dollars to the Saint of Alexandria for getting me out of a pickle!

27|5|10 – BLAZE

Gave my Burlesque friend a heart sculpture!

26|5|10 – Edgeware Road

Let a four wheel driving school mum into traffic after she dropped her kids off.

25|5|10 – In the library

Found one of my special needs students in the Library and ushered him back to class.

24|5|10 – In the classroom

Only annoyed on the emo kid in my class twice, and called the two stoners Jay and Silent Bob once!

23|5|10 – Ikea

Let a guy know I was leaving so he could have my parking spot on the way out.

22|5|10 – NIDA

Told one of the teachers at NIDA how much of a wonderfull job she did controlling the kids that she had without any assistance from parents.

21|5|10 – Petersham

I drove a workmate to Petersham station from TAFE to make his train.

20|5|10 – Tourettes

I have a guy with tourettes in my class who answers every single question I ask to the class, asking him to msybe let another kid answer the next one, with that nice caring tone, in my voice and smile.

19|5|10 – Parents

Called my mum!

18|5|10 – Aisle 7

Got a big old smile from a lady in the frozen food section in coles who i helped point out where the ricotta filled pastisies and not the feta ones are!

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