Acts of March 2011

31 | 3 | 11 “thank youuuuuuuuuuuu”

Big old thanks you to the bus driver when exiting the vehicle!

29 | 3 | 11 “say it with Fish”
Caught more fish than we could eat, so gave some to my neighbour, nothing like rocking up on someones doorstep with a bag of fish, i swear its going to replace roses on valentines day!

28 | 3 | 11 “cruel to be kind”

locked two students out of the room for being late, this may not sound kind, although would of been a lot harder on them had i let them in and given them shit for 2 hours!

27 | 3 | 11 “aristotle the axalotl”

took finn to pet shot to finally get his axolotl for his tank, ugly bloody thing but he was happy!

25-26 | 3 | 11 “tour operator”

hosted 4 pommies down the coast for a funny funny weekend, was boat driver, canoe navigator bait catcher the works!

24 | 3 | 11 “Fed X”

Let a poor courier lad in front of me on botany road, who seemed to be in much more of a hurry than I was!

23 | 3 | 11 “one on one”

Went way over time with a one on one tutorial, just so he had it before we left!

22 | 3 | 11 “Nasi Goreng”

Made my run down lady friend nice dinner!

21 | 3 | 11 “big old thank you”

Said a big old thank you to the computer shop who charged me double what the original quote was, as I signed away master card bill. Even after they put on the invoice that they gave me $77 discount fir I don’t know what?

20 | 3 | 11 “old school”

old school door opening for student!

19 | 3 | 11 “treat the children well”

Took my mate and his young lad out on the boat, he never caught any fish, but had a ball driving the boat !

18 | 3 | 11 “not much”

Didnt wake up till mid day so not a lot of time to be nice when that tired although welcomed friends with beer and shenanigans to the coast !

17 | 3 | 11 “sugar ”

was super grateful to the wonderfully Brian fir my coffee and did nit cause a scene when he forgot my sugar!

16 | 3 | 11 “MX”

Went to pick up copy of MX from wynard station and gave mine to lady behind me instead !

15 | 3 | 11 “be nice”

was extra nice to class who doing extremely well in learning InDesign!

14 | 3 | 11 “subtle”

was subtle enought to realise why a student had not payed fees, to ask him while not in class and not in front of rest of students!

13 | 3 | 11 “NRMA”

run out of petrol, trying to get my car out of a car space, and gave the biggest thanks in the world to the NRMA guy who come very quickly!

12 | 3 | 11 “zip it”

did not say a word (until now) about going out for dinner with group of people and costing Mard and I $200 for $15 meal!

6 | 3 | 11 “skate lessons”

took tilda and finn to bondi skate park for lessons!

5 | 3 | 11 “skate lessons”

see above!

4 | 3 | 11 “dinner”

let kids eat whatever they wanted for dinner, and I mean whatever they wanted!

3 | 3 | 11 “stood up”

got rain checked for a dinner with friend, said no worries, but really was bad timing for being stood up!

1 | 3 | 11 “cashed up”

gave one of my students 50 cents he was short for his coffee!

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