Acts of June 2011

30 | 6 | 11 “old fashioned kindness!”

held the gate open at Redfern station for a lady, not a big act, but some days, you have to dig deep!

29 | 6 | 11 “day on nationalities!”

took day off work, (i know its a big sacrifice) and spent it will Till and Mard at her multicultural day for school. As embarrassed as she gets with me there i think she liked it and appreciated my random act!

22-28 | 6 | 11 “holiday mode of kindness!”

been away and in and out of computer land, so acts have been coming, although not noted for the past dates. Its always hard to keep up the kind’n when not in the real world. They will be sporatic but back in full force soon!

21 | 6 | 11 “no singing today!”

found out half hour before that till had to be at school early for choir, so no way was going to make it, i made up for it by not giving her a big old dad hug in front of the school, when I dropped her off late!

20 | 6 | 11 “night of discontent”

mard away so i let tilda sleep in our bed, which would be considered ant act of kindness and it is, although a bit scared to go to bed as she tends to kick the shit out of whoever sleeps next to her so currently re-thinking my act!

19 | 6 | 11 “Downtown Engadine”

Visit to the shire and down to the old faithfull Anzac oval with me dad to watch Engadine dragons football, always a treat to go home and see the same people standing around anzac oval who did 30 years ago in the same spot, and apart from size, still wearing the same clothes, nice to catch up with em all!

18 | 6 | 11 “Easy on Saturday morning”

filled in for someone to do TVET photoshop class for four hours in the morning!

17 | 6 | 11 “boy night”

Mard at work and Till at friends, so picked up finn from school, took him to X-Men, then to coles frozen section for “Finns Pick” this one being Lasagna, then home for shit dinner, soft drink and laying about doing nothing, its a win win!

16 | 6 | 11 “working on it” Part 2

i don’t normally do requests for kindness, but “Stu on Carbs” was aching to be on random acts as was to be his last day at work while i’m there, and I dug deep all day to think of something nice to do, but in the end when we realised he would be gone, it was a good old school man hug that clinched the 16/6/11 act. All will miss you at Blaze Stu on Carbs!!

16 | 6 | 11 “working on it” Part 1.

want to end “Stu on Carbs” last day with a bang, but no kind things are coming to me just yet!

15 | 6 | 11 “listen to the music

loaned one of my students my portable hard drive full of music to give him a crash couse in 90’s glam metal and other musical treats!

14 | 6 | 11 “high school musical

gave my my TVET (High School kids) for Digital Media today a fun day, got them to help update our Blog for TAFE and add content to the Facebook Group Page etc, they had a ball using “facebook” in class, getting friends to like it, saving images out of photoshop, updating changing bits and pieces and really getting a first hand experience of how an agency would work with a a crazy Art Director! Back to Regular old Photoshop next week, but a bit of a “Mr Holland’s Opus” moment for me!

13 | 6 | 11 “sunday (actually) monday drive

took friends for a nice holiday drive in the rain around Ulladulla/Mollymook to see the wet sites!

12 | 6 | 11 “on to live another day

Caught a huge fish of the beach and decided to let him go to live another day!

11 | 6 | 11 “saxamaphone

took finn to Darling Harbour to be a part of the World Saxaphone attempt for the most players to play one song at the same time, great morning!

10 | 6 | 11 “early acts

made Stu, almost belly laugh with a crass quip first thing in the morning!

9 | 6 | 11 “road rage”

let a very angry driver merge in on Botany Road, to get a whole one car ahead in traffic!

8 | 6 | 11 “Certificate II in Certificate IV forgery”

help another teacher out with notes on my past Cert IV details!

7 | 6 | 11 “Finn Cooks”

made the family Fettuccine Carbonara straight from Finns new cook book he made for school!

6 | 6 | 11 “I Swear not to”

let they young swear bear student into class early to print of his assignment for me, although I have kicked him out last two weeks running for swearing too much I thought I’d give him a break today?

5 | 6 | 11 “do the right thing”

its only a littlen today to mention, but while walking through the national gallery, there was a homeless brochure smack in the middle of the foyer, so I picked it up and returned it to the pile of similar brochures to carry on where it left off rather than put it in the bin!

4 | 6 | 11 “laugh, i did!”

did lots of kind things today some of which were looking after a hungover wife, taking kids to aquarium to buy fish for there tanks, doing the food shopping, mowing the lawn, but the most memorable being making Mard laugh just now by her reading my random act from yesterday and her picking up the joke of my being in the office on my own, not a snort laugh from her by all means but still made her laugh!

3 | 6 | 11 “pie peas and mash!”

working in your office in the back yard all day on your own, is not the easiest place to achieve a random act of kindness to someone other than yourself, although when kids got home and mard out till all hours I managed to make the mother of all pie, peas and mash for the kids, Till just has a pie but finn goes ape shit over the gallo’s pie pea and mash combo your dad can make at home?

2 | 6 | 11 “grass cut on my act, although still worthy!”

went to get “Stu on Carbs” a Stella from the work beer fridge on my own accord, but Jules cut my grass and run to the fridge and got it for him, not sure if she was trying to impress “Stu on Carbs” or take my “Kindness” scalp of the day but apparently “Stu on Carbs” tells me its worthy of an act as the inital request  come from me?

1 | 6 | 11 “sleep in!”

Firs day of the months starts off with a small but kind gesture. Let Mard sleep in on her day off for once, I got finn ready for school and dropped him off, she may still be in bed now?

10 | 6 | 11 “early acts

made Stu, almost belly laugh with a crass quip first thing in the morning!

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