Acts of July 2010

31|7|10 – Trolly Dolly!
Saw a lady in distress pulling two trollies apart at coles, so gave her mine!

30|7|10 – The drugs  don’t work!
Waited patiently and did not lose it with the guy in front of me at Richard Ashcroft last night in the bar line ordering 8 Vodka and RedBulls at the bargain price of $75 that took a year to serve

29|7|10 – Jacob!
Had a super day and made a student smile who  had not smiled in a while!

28|7|10 – Turn up Happy!
I turned up to class with a happy face, this showed to High School kids and all is good so far!

27|7|10 – “Look at me, Look at Me”
My Tourets student, who looks over at me for assurance on what he does on the computer every time he hits a key…. I looked!

25|7|10 – Struggle street

Watching the debate was the least I could do for struggling Tony, as he went on to say he has a family and he knows what its like to struggle with food bills and power bills. The poor pet, my kind heart goes out to him.

24|7|10 – Chat Roulette

One of Tildas friends was dropped off to play and her mother asked if we were just staying at home so the girls can play, she did not want me to take the kids to the park as apparently weird people hang out at parks and she is safer with me at home, I was kind enough to let her know I agree with that 100% as Saturday afternoon is my day to nude up and scan chat roullete for other guys who masterbate in front of computers, so no problem I’m be home all day.

23|7|10 – Lend me a tenna
Spotted one of the mental health students the 10 cents she was short for her coffee, her warm flat white with no bubbles, no froth, no sugar with no lid.

22|7|10 – Next of Kin

kept my cool when talking to mr patronising, and yes this is a major kind thing for me.

21|7|10 – Early act

done and dusted today all before 8.15am. Mardi forgot her laptop for work, so met her half way  to drop off at Mascot.

I’m back baby!

20|7|10 – F@#K ALL!
absolutely “F#$K ALL” today in the way of kindness, got nothing, zero, zip, nada. Sometimes pulling a kind act out each day you would think is easy, but sometimes it just doesn’t come. I’m hoping that if anyone reads this it may put a small smile on the face so that would be my act, making someone smile!

19|7|10 – Easy on students

first day back a college, watched one of my “cool design” students go in and out of room for a fag break, and not say anything as I can’t be arsed first day back, embarrising him on his over baggy jeans in front of other students.

18|7|10 – Dinner with the Rells

out to the shire for dinner with family, (thats kind enough)!

17|7|10 – random lack of kindness

took the last bit of bread (crust) for my sausage sizzle at Newtown Jets Game!

16|7|10 – random lack of kindness

back soon, still all over the shop, I’m sure I will be kind again soon!

15|7|10 – back in the act of kindness

Offered to get Brian a Party Pie from the boardroom!

2 – 11|7|10 – missed acts of kindness

I have been away from computer for over a week, although not from random acts. Too many to note down although two before going offline were crackers, one being a girl in a wheelchair trying to carry a big cardboard box with one arm and make the chair go across Botany Road in Redfern with the other, I carried the box from their to her place up near the station. The next act and this was all in one day “overwhelmed with kindness this day, let me tell you” A womans car was broken down on a huge intersection in Maroubra, I was at the lights so jumped out, grab the guy in the car behind me and we pushed her into the carpark at KFC! I swear, I could of worn a Cape that day.

So after a week at the snow there were many acts, so will just have to believe me and back to it soon (away again for 3 days). Should be back by thursday!


1|7|10 – shared act of kindness

Brian and I informed a work collegue on how to compress a folder to email by using the right click button. Not sure if Brian said it first, although was very close, so can take credit.

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