Acts of July 2011

31 | 7 | 11 “turtle hunt”

again, took kids mainly Tilda to the golf course at eastlakes to find a turtle, although was put on hold due the mass amount of golfers and two adults and 5 kids running a muck in a private course you tend to draw attention to yourself!

30 | 7 | 11 “2nd time lucky”

took the kids to the computer gaming expo at the opera house, this time it was actually on!

29 | 7 | 11 “support live music”

did my bit for live music and actually went out to see a band, actually two bands and damn good ones at that!

25 – 28 | 7 | 11 “a glitch in the kindness”

once again, I seemed to of lost a few days of kindness, not from my doing but my phone seems to overide what I did and go back to the last day updated?!

24 | 7 | 11 “I can see clearly now”

With the rain gone we took finn to computer games expo at opera house to find we got the dates wrong, so took them on ferry to Manly and bought a pie!

23 | 7 | 11 “its 5:23 and got nothen”

not a great day for kindness, although this may have something to do with the fact that I have not left the house, i know kindness begins at home, but not today, got nothing going on here, still got the night so may come good! (worst case, i took my snowboards of the front deck and put them on the back to make house look cleaner and mardi happy, but not sure if that counts?)

22 | 7 | 11 “winner winner chicken dinner”

started two new subjects for friday, and it turns out its the same group of students i have twice in the day, so when saying it was going to be a great semester and talked up the College, i really meant it, seems like a great bunch of kids and to have them all day will be a nice way to end the week!

21 | 7 | 11 “keep it in the family”

the old bar fridge at Work i got not one beer for Brian, but also one for young Jessie, thats 2 generations of mid week drinking encouregment in the one hit, double whammy!

20 | 7 | 11 “early marks r us”

let my Creative Techniques class leave early, due to the first week back and the brief was handed out and by the time we got around to doing any work they were distracted and all over the place, so part kind of letting them go early, and part could not be arsed trying to get them started!

19 | 7 | 11 “pre meditaded act”

taking Finn to see Harry Potter tonight, even after he did a huge fart at breakfast table and i hit him with a shoe and told him we not going!

18 | 7 | 11 “I’m back baby”

unpacked the car, this may not sound like much, but after a week away, and mardi not working. I got up for work without waking her and unpacked the car before i left so she did’nt have to bring the bags in. She did have to spend the rest of the day sorting all the shit out, but it started well for her!

1-17 | 7 | 11 “kindness on hold for a few weeks”

this does not mean i will not be kind, it just means I on holidays and limited access to blog, means limited updates of kindness, I start back Teaching Monday 18th July so will be back in the swing of things, then. there may be random acts until then, but until then, Keep on Kind’n!

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