Acts of January 2011

23 | 1 | 11 “Kat Von D – LA Ink ”

I think i did the mother of all kind acts today, could give it away now and be happy! I took a photo of one of my quadraplegic students who is obsessed with Kat Von D and LA ink (a tatoo studio in LA) I got all the artist in the shop to sign it to take back, they also gave me a signed scarf type thing by Kat herself and posters, stickers and all sorts of stuff. Brought a tear to the eye i must say. Before that i gave every bloody superhero character that the kids had photos with a tip and every other bastard who did something for us. Tipping is why the country is in such disaray.

22 | 1 | 11 “Venice Beach ”

first day in the States and first place was Venice Beach, helped a homeless guy into the loos by holding door open to find he did not want to go was just weirding me out and standing out side while I was in there?

20 – 21| 1 | 11 “missed days ”

two days spent organising trip, sure there was kind things but none to rmember

e there was kind things but none to rmember

19 | 1 | 11 “damsell in distress ”

my neighbour got a flat tire at the park with two of her three children, the other was here, she asked if i would look after him and i made him carbonara, and damn good carbonara he tells me!

18 | 1 | 11 “show me the money ”

got money changed to US dollars in bank and saw my brother in law in line changing money at different place, I let him know the rate was better downstairs and off he went. Pure kindness right there I say!

17 | 1 | 11 “its a dilemma ”

offered bob tickets to movies (still waiting on reply?)!

16 | 1 | 11 “boss ”

waiting all day for boss and friends to turn up at coast and gave them the guided tour of area, house etc. Even offered them more days if they wanted them!

15  | 1 | 11 “Word Up ”

Gave the neighbour a crash course in hotmail and using the internet!

14  | 1 | 11 “kids day ”

Let kids have free range on the house while I cleaned up, playstation all morning, then took them for swim at Maroubra in the arvo now watching the simpsons, either one random act or me being lazy?!

13  | 1 | 11 “Ayman the busy ”

Called into Mr Salad to wish him happy new year, he ignored me as too busy, but the thought was there!

12 | 1 | 11 “its the little things”

Turned Finns pre-fab chicken schnitzel in a super Parmi, with a bit of Paul Newmans and Easy Peely Cheese!

11  | 1 | 11 “deathly (sleepy) hollows”

Took Finn (finally) to see the new Harry Potter movie!

1 –  10 | 1 | 11 “random acts of random acts”

Due to holidays and extreme lack of keeping up the deeds, not so much keeping up the deeds, more to point of putting the deeds up, ORAOK’s will be back in full force come February, unless I get some random ones in there in the meantime.

Take care and hope all holidays are cool and the gang!

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