Acts of February 2011

28 | 2 | 11 “again, again”

made one of my students do her work again which was not correct, she huffed and puffed but was happy to get right in the end

27 | 2 | 11 “tilda time”

took a left out tilda to the lake to feed fish and just hang out

26 | 2 | 11 “gavs surf school”

the gav surf school was open for business, giving some pointers where needed

25 | 2 | 11 “flattery gets you everywhere”

hey pal “nice shirt”

24 | 2 | 11 “work in progress”

gave some major input to making a weird situation better and more workable

23 | 2 | 11 “old school kindness”

held the door open for two guys carrying a table at Enmore, not a biggie, but still…

22 | 2 | 11 “chip of the old block girl”

made her sit on her own, although was a lot nicer to her, due to her good behaviour in class

21 | 2 | 11 “big hello”

said a big hello, to the two ladies in the fruitshop at kogarah, which I do every monday who ignore me every monday, and did get a small response, work it!

20 | 2 | 11 “be kind to frogs”

cleaned all the leaves and shit out of the two ponds in our yard and saved about 20 Frogs from becoming garden mulch in the process. (Even frogs can benefit from my random acts).

19 | 2 | 11 “got nuthin”

spent the whole day in a boat on my own or on beach, I loved it, alhtough did’nt really come into contact with anyone to spread the love!

18 | 2 | 11 “fishing tours are us”

took Mards bosses husband down the coast and out on the boat for the day did the big old tour of Conjola, thats kind enought allthough the clincher was letting his dogs stay in the house although not had much of a choice?

17 | 2 | 11 “be kind to yourself”

said no to many offers of beer especially Brian who is hard to say no to for beer!

16 | 2 | 11 “what goes around ”

Sent a heap of my old programs and tutorials to another teacher

15 | 2 | 11 “chip of the old block ”

An extremely annoying girl asked me in class what does the saying “A chip of the old block” mean? I gave the rest of the class a bit of joy with my answer of “Is your mum a pain in the arse”

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