Acts of December 2010

16 to Whem I’m back “to many to mention”

Gavs random acts have not stopped, although access to computer and holiday mode has affected me heavily. All will be back soon (i’m guessing Febuary)!

15 | 12 | 10 “sitting on the dock of ebay”

Taught my dad to buy something on ebay!

12 – 14 | 12 | 10 “3 days of kindness”

Took Diamond dave to coast for 3 days of shinanigans, food, accomodation and laughs!

11 | 12 | 10 “dance sister”

Downloaded Usher, Ke$ha, Tai Cruz and Miley Cyrus for Tilda’s Ipod, and made Mard a cup of tea in bed!

10 | 12 | 10 “mini mi”

organised for one of my star students some work experience at an agency

9 | 12 | 10 “fizzy glee”

gave my fizzy friend some glee.

8 | 12 | 10 “wonton and noodle surprise”

took my bowl back to counter at Golden Barley after I finished lunch, to get a smile from the kitchenhand.

7 | 12 | 10 “fish”

Cooked fish I caught on the weekend for a very tired Jodie

6| 12 | 10 “coles kindness”

movied my shopping basket forward in the 12 items section so the lady behind me could put up hers and take a load off!

5| 12 | 10 “fishes of men”

introduced (or took) partner of friend of mards work mate of acquaintence him to my secret spot for fishing the rocks of maroubra!

4| 12 | 10 “your in the Jungle”

finally saved my facebook friends by not putting any more stuff up aabout Axel!

2-3| 12 | 10 “forget”

not much going on this day in the way of kindness, or the one before for that matter, sure I was wonderful, but clean forget!

1 | 12 | 10 “great job ladies”

had last day with Mattraville high school kids and said they did well all year, and really meant it (the 3 left out of 12 students)!

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