Acts of August 2010

31|8|10 dinner!

organised and cooked two dinners so we could all eat together tonight!

30|8|10 your welcome!

Let a very bad driver in front of me at kensington roundabout!

29|8|10 trailer!

gave darren my boat trailer!

28|8|10 they say its your birthday!

made mards birthday hopefully very nice day!

27|8|10 motivation!

got a very unmotivated lad out of hospital bed into computer room and happy to be there!

26|8|10 saxamaphone!

made it in time to see Finns school concert with him blasting away on the Sax!

25|8|10 she’ll be apples!

apologised to a student for throwing her out of class for chewing an apple in my ear after telling her 5000 times to stop eating in class!

24|8|10 hats off to you!

to save (girl 9) getting in trouble for forgetting her hat, I phoned school to say it was my fault and can she borrow a school one for the excursion!

23|8|10 more time, more time more time more time!

gave 2nd year design students more time on an assignment!

22|8|10 or not to fish!

Let a big fish go rather than eat him!

21|8|10 to fish!

hooked a fish and passed rod to a young lad who was over the moon to catch his first big salmon.

20|8|10 hospital!

got one young guy out of bed and into computer room with huge amount of interest, even went over time. Who would of thought creating a Arnie Terminator poster in photoshop can make someone that motivated.

19|8|10 more beer!

got a beer from fridge from brian, also worked out a layered photoshop file for clint, to make his day easier!

18|8|10 – Fashion!

Was nice to Lisa, and did realise I could of been nicer earlier!

17|8|10 – TWAT!

Let more than one car merge in front of me crossing the highway at Tempe, clearly he was not meant to be in front, although not sure if clearly or logically was in his mind at the time!

16|8|10 – Give me the Sheets!

Changed the torn sheet in our bed that was giving one of us the shits, and put her in a mexican standoff to see who would fix it!

15|8|10 – Todays, all about Me!

Made a decision, down coast on something that may be good for me!

14|8|10 – Fire!

Had a fire with Finn in the yard instead of going fishing.!

13|8|10 – Spinal ward blues!

I think I motived a very depressed and unmotivated young lad to get started on some work next week.!

12|8|10 – brian!

Offered to get Brian a beer at work!

11|8|10 – Ummmm Fashion, turn to the left

Kept my head while talking to a student who is lets say, hard to handle!

10|8|10 – Cmonnnnnnnn!

Slowly getting to students the work they have to do for the rest of the year before open day, and he left!

9|8|10 – time is on your side!

Gave the 2nd year Diploma Students, an extra day to complete an assignment!

5-8|8|10 – was a bit hazy!

There was kind things to mention, although weekend took its toll and memory is short

4|8|10 – accpectance!

Once again, made light of one of my student who has turned up 45 minutes late every single lesson, nothing else I can say to him?

3|8|10 – house!

Got home before mard, cooked dinner, ironed clothes for tomorrow and bathed kids.

2|8|10 – Smile!

Made my interpreter/note taker who sits in my Monday class smile.

1|8|10 – Mix up with days!

The lady I gave the trolly to in coles today was marked as the 29 July, was actually today, so I missed a day I’m sure there is something in there somewhere of remote kindness, just none that comes to mind.

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