Acts of August 2011

31 | 8 | 11 “cruel to be kind”

got stuck into a bunch of my students for being slack arse bunch, some students listen and will get it, some are just not going to, and as they say in Cadyshack, “theres always a need for someone to dig ditches”!

30 | 8 | 11 “father and son”

offered to take Finnster to school and even dropped him off not near the gate so not to have his dad try and hug him in front of his mates!

29 | 8 | 11 “family time”

made nice dinner, and organised a bit of quality family time for sitting around the table, listening to Till talk shit and very fast shit at that!

28 | 8 | 11 “happy birthday mr President….”

gave mard a super birthday with (hopefully) all the the things she wanted!

27 | 8 | 11 “the wall of death (well at least a nasty bruise if she was to go)”

grabbed a very young damsel in distress from falling off the wall at Newtown Jets game!

26 | 8 | 11 “pizza night”

pizza night at the Hempstead Chateou, let the kids mainly Finn, go nuts with the meat lovers!

25 | 8 | 11 “it must be thursday (again)”

got not only brian, but also Cam a beer and opened it for them!

24 | 8 | 11 “stay on”

normally let my night class go early, but they just would’nt leave so stayed on till way into the Gruen Transfer!

23 | 8 | 11 “TVET lay day”

skipped normal classs and got TVET students to do there own thing and make a poster!

22 | 8 | 11 “nothing to compare”

got nothen today?!

21 | 8 | 11 “Sunday morning coming down”

went to Mards dad’s 75th with lots of old people and was very well behaved with the mother of all hangovers!

20 | 8 | 11 “Wonderstuff”

took one of my students to Wonderstuff at enmore and had one of the funniest nights i’ve had in many many years!

19 | 8 | 11 “pizza night”

had pizza night at home with the kids let them go nuts with what went on it!

17-18 | 8 | 11 “bit rusty”

slipped up a couple of days, sure I was kind, just not great memory of it!

16 | 8 | 11 “the incredible sulk”

only sulked and walked around with the shits for approximately 3 hours and not the entire day after Mard “accidently” opened and read our invoice statement to find out what I bought her for her birthday!

15 | 8 | 11 “social media R us”

spent most of my day, doing social media stuff for TAFE rather than my own work!

14 | 8 | 11 “give a man a fish”

gave my mate a fish!

13 | 8 | 11 “nice to me”

down the coast on my own, pure self indulgence fishing, eating drinking all about me that day!

12 | 8 | 11 “nice to me dad”

helped dad out with the internet, and how to browse all night and not end up with 47 windows open, its amazing what happens with just the one window maybe two tops!

11 | 8 | 11 “Welcome Back Potter”

stole, yes stole the Harry Potter Spell Poster lift out from the Daily Telegraph in a cafe for Finn to go with the 9 billion cards he already has while having to buy 9 billion Daily Telegraphs!

10 | 8 | 11 “Indesign, Indesign, Indesign”

taught Indesign today for so long, i’m hoping I got through to at least one student, as all my tricks and tips tended to blend in and not sure if making any sense by the end of it!

9 | 8 | 11 “old time story”

read Tilda a story, and Doctor Suess, The bike lesson at that!

8 | 8 | 11 “2nd chance”

gave a student a chance to re-submit a failed assigment, who I would of much prefered them to fail!

7 | 8 | 11 “pizza man”

made my lady friend pizza, with big feedback on how good it was, even cleaned up after, this and let the family watch MasterChef without me saying “FUUUUUUUUCK, this is so dumb” all the time!

6 | 8 | 11 “colour me happy”

just me and the kids, i spent the night drawing cartoon characters with Tilda for her upcomming comic strip, this one is titled “Fatman and Eric” I got the daunting task of drawing Eric!

5 | 8 | 11 “the Finn and I”

went for dinner with just finn in Newtown, then walked King street looking for a place that still had the newspaper to get the Harry Potter Cards, then bought him a slurpe at seven eleven after!

4 | 8 | 11 “same old, same old for a thursday”

got brian not only a beer but opened it as well!

3 | 8 | 11 “Armageddin It”

going to Def Leapord with amanda, this may not seem that much of an act, although no one else wanted to go, so I stepped up to the challenge!

2 | 8 | 11 “exhibition space”

helped the third years set up for the exhibition, lots of hanging of design work and re-hanging of design work and re-hanging of design work!

1 | 8 | 11 “winner dinner”

caught fish yesterday so tonight cleaned and filleted them and made Mard a super fish dinner, even cleaned up after!

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