Acts of April 2011

30 | 4 | 11 “show and tell”

took friends and kids to Museum of Contemporay Arts and introduced, well not introduced but got the kids to have a lot of fun with Modern Art!

29 | 4 | 11 “more old school kindness”

opened and held open the door for a courier at work who just picked up a bunch of boxes and could not get out door!

28 | 4 | 11 “break and enter”

found a set of house keys hanging out of a letterbox to a very nice apartment in Redfern and handed into neighbour. (the probably used them and robbed the place, but still at least I took them out of the box!

27 | 4 | 11 “back from holidays”

gave back class assignments, and upped a girls marks even though she was super late, and when she said she did it on time I believed her!

18 | 4 | 11 “hedge to far”

Cut my hedge back that had grown across neighbors side path so he could walk his dog out without cursing me!

6 – 17 | 4 | 11 “bung”

It’s been lots of weeks of my blog being updated and not appearing, I have done many kind things and hopefully back on track soon when sorted!

5 | 4 | 11 “short but sweet”

Gave bob a fish!

4 | 4 | 11 “the kids are alright”

Due to extreme tiredness, am leaving students 100% to there own devices to get work done as long as they don’t play up they can do anything?

3 | 4 | 11 “bowlarama”

Left amazing weather at the coast, at 10am Sunday morning to get Finn to a party at Strathfield, got home exausted and still managed to get clothes of line and iron school stuff?

2 | 4 | 11 “Julie the Love boat games co-ordinator”

Mards work boss and colegues come to the coast, i presented the lake in wonderful form, took them canoing, fishing, drinking, drinking and drinking?

1 | 4 | 11 “April fools day”

Bandaged Tilda’s hand up like a true surgeon, to go to school for april fools day, although she loved the attention and actually did’nt tell anyone it was fake and come home with it signed by the whole class?

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