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Sacrifices you make to be a good Dad!

Last weekend and many before Tilda (11) was wanting to get a bearded dragon as a pet, after doing all the research i come up with 2 reasons why not, there is a 3rd of not having a reptile licence although that does not seem to deter people selling them? The other two reasons, one is they are really expensive, and two I would have to drive out west and sit in a lounge room with a guy who breeds bearded dragons and do “the chat”, for anyone that has bought anything illegal, that part is very awkward and to be avoided at all costs.

So my alternative was to head on out to the headland at Maroubra and catch a Jacky Lizard or Jack dragon, same as a bearded dragon just not with the beard, bit like newtown before hipsters. Anyways as all good dads we catch a lizard, bring him home put him in the tank Tilda has cleaned up put sand in water containers sticks logs everything except the shaved bearded dragon or Jacky lizard and place in Rafiki. Its all good its like the lion king holding him up to the light and laying him down although not quite as dramatic, still its what she wanted and putting in dad hours I was clocking up some goodens.

The week goes on, Rafiki sits in a cold dark tank gets colder and colder, eats nothing, then more of nothing and a bit more of nothing so I get concerned and do the big old dad thing of “If he does not eat we are letting him go”. As pre planned we go to the pet shop on the way home from work I use the word we in hope that it was we, although it was just me as she was at a friends house, so yes it looks like I’m the main carer of this one for now, so I go to pet shop buy a light and packet of live crickets and set it all up. The pet shop lady tells me he wont eat while cold, this guy did not even move so eating was not an option. The light goes on and he goes nuts, runs around up the wall loves it. I get a cricket out with tweezer, (not easy) hold it to him and he necks the poor thing, the whole family, sans Tilda as mentioned earlier she is at a friends house but kept up with proceeding via Instragram all the way so its just like she was here? So she is happy, will I got a “like” a mention and a share? I was happy that the thing did not die and Rafiki is over the moon. The cricket not so happy but thats the small sacrifice you make to be a good dad!



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