Trash treasure and relaxation

Today I took Tilda to Addison road markets for a walk, bacon n egg roll, a pho noodles and bag of radishes, it’s great to see the original hipsters at play in there own surroundings along with the new or next generation of groovers with all the right clothes, the correct amount of gears on their bikes (one ) and beards, just love a beard! Till and I ended up in trash and treasure on two lovely seats one could of purchased for $25 a piece but we decided rather than purchase them we would just stay and watch the world of Marrickville past before our eyes and listen to Slave to the rhythm, by miss jones. Tilda played on her iPad more than watch but still a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

The later part of the day I ended up in ikea, this experience could be summed up another time, although due to scare of horse meat being found in the hot dogs, the line did not seen any smaller


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