Her beaver is very cute and sweet, and it wont work for you

I guess kids don’t always say the darndest things, as today in class whilst teaching budding young graphic design 1st year students Illustrator the class is designing and building a wine box complete with label, packaging the works and one of the better and need I say quieter girls, lets just call her Jess, her wine is called “Purple Possom” not sure why but that is the name. Its very cute design with a cute possum, cute colours, cute font the works and on the other hand a young lad in the class had called his “Swine wine” both interesting names, but when he was trying to draw a pig for his logo I was not liking the direction as a cute cartoonish pig does now really go with the word Swine, so I said “try not to make it like Jess’s, as her beaver is very cute and sweet, and it wont work for you”. I had not idea what I had just said? Not all of the class had realised what I just said, and I though confusing a possum with a beaver is a common mistake, and thanks Tim for pointing it out?



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