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Born to annoy

Fishing in the van park off one of the pontoons, a grumpy old fella in one of them seems to have a big issue with me doing so, he comes out every 15 minutes to say “u ok” mumbles something and goes back in.

Now I’m not one to shit stir anyone but… it seems this fella does not want anyone near his cabin although the fact I’m not making a sound or doing anything wrong is bothering him the most, he’s just staring, waiting for me to do something offensive, leave rubbish or open a beer too loud and he will crack down. I figured to give him something to winge about to no one, i thought fuck him, I’m settling in fir the night, I may even grow a beard ill be here that long, whatever it takes.

Her beaver is very cute and sweet, and it wont work for you

I guess kids don’t always say the darndest things, as today in class whilst teaching budding young graphic design 1st year students Illustrator the class is designing and building a wine box complete with label, packaging the works and one of the better and need I say quieter girls, lets just call her Jess, her wine is called “Purple Possom” not sure why but that is the name. Its very cute design with a cute possum, cute colours, cute font the works and on the other hand a young lad in the class had called his “Swine wine” both interesting names, but when he was trying to draw a pig for his logo I was not liking the direction as a cute cartoonish pig does now really go with the word Swine, so I said “try not to make it like Jess’s, as her beaver is very cute and sweet, and it wont work for you”. I had not idea what I had just said? Not all of the class had realised what I just said, and I though confusing a possum with a beaver is a common mistake, and thanks Tim for pointing it out?



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