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Finn, red frogs and meth labs

Another year of halloween has past, another year Mard and I try to ignore the holiday which we think really should not be celebrated here. This is hard with two kids obsessed with chance of dressing up and walking the streets of botany scouring for bags of lollies, normally those really cheap ones from the reject shop, the only place to make a red frog taste nothing like a red frog.

The afternoon started shakey as having two very different kids, Miss 10 had wanted to go with a friend who she found out had 6 of her friends, 6 of which Till did not know so immediately arced up with fear and took the night prior to convice it may not be that bad, I won out in the end and off she went.

On the other hand old hat Finnboss heads off with his mate into the streets, who knows if he goes trick or treating or just buys the lollies and goes to his mates house to watch porn, the standard of lollies is the same badness of his sisters so I am going with the first option. I do believe he may not have the cute factor Till is riding although his sense of humour will always get him over the line, or shit red frogs in the bag. This theory was proven correct when on the weekend he went to an Tai Kwon Do camp and one of the mums on his return told me he was the funniest kid, apparently he was making them all laugh and a Dad said his humour was 14 going on 30 and did not know whether to stay away from him or to sponsor his coming comedy tour, Finns response to this was “well.. I’m going to end up owning a Mansion or a Meth Lab”

Kids say the darndest things sometimes?

Mall Rats

Finn asked today if he can go to Bondi Junction with a 3 of his friends, two being girls one of which seems to have Finns name on redial for texting, did I mention has Finns name of redial for texting….

I did not know what to say as in yes or know, I/We said ok although one of the adults (the other one) she was a bit disappointed that it was a mall and thus giving birth to a Mall Ratt seemed on the cards, so the main objection is that its ok but don’t do it every time you go out I believe “organise an activity” was the comment, don’t just hang the mall. Not sure if its the age or the milage that I don’t remember how old I was when Miranda Fair, yes “The Fair” was my haunt although I think its been a while since I have returned, I think we won the America’s Cup the last time I was there (no correlation) so my days of hanging Miranda Fair and going to the shire for that matter are long gone, but do think its a major part of being a teenager, he could be in his room and on facebook with them so its one up from that.

So my random act for today being letting the lad have his first mall experience. Looking forward to the outcome.

Walken the dog

Took time out from work at home to walk young Badger, all was going well until at a busy intersection I decided to pick him up and carry him. This was going well up unto the point when I got close to the other side I not so much through him as passing him toward the other kerb and I was prepared for this and as he was not, he managed to hit just before the gutter, land on his side and roll into the gutter. Getting up
dazed and a little confused he seemed forgiving and happy to be on the walk.

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