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Meeting of the Minds

Was kind enough to give 100% support on a 4 day planner meeting on organising next years program for budding you graphic designers coming to Enmore, got almost to the end with full attention, although the last part i pretty much just had to accept the fact that I have the next two weeks off so fell apart on the concentration level.

On another note i got to go to an electronic shop twice in a week, one to buy Tilda a heavily priced reduced set of “Glee” headphones and the second time to return the next day the heavily priced reduced set of “Glee” headphones as unless you were Van Gogh or Chopper read and I do belive one of them is dead and the other on the way, having a set of headphones with sound coming from one is not great for listening to Katie Perry or Bruno Mars, I mentioned to listed to the later it may be better if both don’t work but just got that “dads a Knob” look only as a 10 year old can do!


Making my lady friend chops

Old school traffic

Let an old fella get in front of me on botany road on way to work, accepted his big old thank you via sign language graciously.

Back with a Kindness

Hopefully the kindness is back with a vengance, from now on i will be posting comments on random things i do that i consider to be kind and random, they may not be the largest of things some days, and also may not be everyday but still will be!

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